How does Campbell Cannon and Carriage Works make it's cannon?

The Pattern

We have a number of 15th - 19th century replica cannon patterns available to work from in the initial phases of designing a cannon. Each of these has been custom made by Lawrence Campbell while studying old drawings of historic cannon.

The majority of CCCW bronze cannon are cast vertically, which means they are poured solid with no core and are later bored out.

A variety of accessories, shields, dolphin and custom additions can be added to almost all of our patterns.


There are two casting processes that can be used - sand and lost wax casting.

Sand Casting

Over the centuries, many cannon were made using the sand casting process.

It is a more affordable way to  create basic cannon designs while maintaining their historical accuracy.

Lost Wax Casting

Have you ever stared in awe at a bronze cannon, covered in beautiful crests, ribbons, acanthus banding and other intricate details? That is the magic of lost-wax casting.

In the lost-wax process customized complex and sophisticated designs can be created and sculpted into the mold, which is then used to make the cannon.


Visit our Custom Cannon Page to discuss the possibilities of what you would like in a cannon.









NOTE: Campbell Cannon and Carriage Works cannon are sold for decorative purposes. Buyers accept all responsibility for all use or or misuse of the cannon.