Campbell Cannon and Carriage Works can create whatever you need in cannon, carriages or other custom metal work.


Custom Cannon Work

Is there a cannon you've seen that or imagined that you want? Let us know and we can bring it to life!

When it comes to cannon, CCCW can make nearly any piece you envision.

Our Cannon Page gives you the basics of cannon creation. But there are many options to customize a cannon to be exactly what you want.



From banners and ribbons to acanthus banding and coat of arms, your imagination is the limit when it comes to customizing the look of your cannon.
















Custom Carriage Work

If you have a cannon and need a custom carriage, Lawrence Campbell is an experienced wood worker and blacksmith and will create just what you need. There are many designs that can be customized. Or, if you want something special, we'll design an original piece to suit your needs.

Custom Metal Work

It’s not just Cannon and Carriages that can be made at CCCW. Lawrence Campbell is the designer and engineer, master artist, sculptor, wood worker, blacksmith and foundry man who can produce nearly any metal project you have in mind.