From naval carriages to garrison carriages and even field pieces, Campbell Cannon and Carriage Works creates all styles of carriages in both wood and metal.

From the design and engineering to the blacksmithing and woodwork, each carriage is handcrafted.

Carriages can be built to your design, from historic pattern designs and/or built to fit your cannon.

The Pattern

Referencing four centuries of English, Spanish, French and Dutch designs, CCCW has created a variety of carriages from wooden ship carriages of the 16th century through Civil War seacoast artillery carriages.


English, Spanish, French or Dutch?

When it comes to selecting a historic carriage design for your cannon, most people choose the same country of origin for the carriage as the cannon barrel.

But this is not always the case. Cannon were coveted prizes on the battlefield. It would not be uncommon to see a Spanish cannon being used by English troops after it was taken as a spoil of war. And were the carriage to be damaged, the Spanish cannon could well find itself sitting on an English carriage to fight another day.


Naval, Garrison or Field Carriage?

What's the difference between naval, garrison and field carriages?

Naval carriages are shorter, four-wheeled carriages that have four small, wooden wheels.

Since these were on the deck of a ship, which was wooden, you would not want metal wheels, which would damage the deck.



Garrison carriages look much like naval carriages except the wheels have a metal tire attached.

The reason for this is because garrison carriages were usually on a stone floor, in a garrison or fort, and the metal tire would protect the wooden wheel from the harshness of the stone.




Field carriages are the carriages with much larger wheels.

These are the type of carriages that were pulled to a battle site and out on the field by horses. The larger wheels made traveling longer distances much easier.

Additionally, the hardware used on each carriage will differ to suit the environment where it will be used.

The Wood

The wood that goes into a carriage is part of its personality. Various types of wood are available for carriage creation. Most commonly, carriages are made of pine, oak or mahogany, but specialty woods are also available.


Just like cannon, carriages can be customized to fit your designs specifications.

Carriage Price Tiers

Since not all budgets are created equal, we offer three pricing-tiers in carriages - Basic, Intermediate, Museum Quality.