What's news at Campbell Cannon and Carriage Works?

March 29, 2017 - Making A Massive 24-pounder Carriage

What an amazing project to take part in!

Campbell Cannon and Carriage Works recently delivered a 24-pound French Siege Carriage to the Museum of the American Revolution at Yorktown. There are a few pictures below, but if you would like to see a behind the scenes look at the creation of this mammouth piece click on This Blog Post LINK.



March 23, 2017 - One Classy Carriage

Check out this unique piece! This is a Mahogany and Bronze Dutch 12-pound carraige. This custom piece was made to hold a beautiful Dutch Barrel, circa 1640. See more pictures and learn about this carriage and the cannon it was made for by clicking on This Blog Post LINK.


March 14, 2017 - From the Shop to the Ship

How exciting!!!

The set of four Falcon cannon we made are being loaded aboard the Susan Constant at Jamestown Settlement!

Hopefully they will be able to have their voices heard during the artillery drills this weekend during the annual Military Through the Ages event. Follow everything that's going on at Jamestown / Yorktown on the Jamestown Settlement / American Revolution Museum at Yorktown Facebook Page

*Photos by Jamestown Settlement / American Revolution Museum at Yorktown

March 13, 2017 - Where have we been??

So, you've been on the Campbell Cannon and Carriage Works website and have been wondering, why hasn't there been any new news? A couple reasons.

First, we have been swamped with projects! In coming weeks we will be showing off some of the work that has kept us so busy.

Secondly, we are working on a new website that will be more mobile friendly. Because of that, we're not putting as much attention into this site as we build the new one.

But never fear, we haven't gone anywhere, we're right here and we'll soon be showing off our work!!


April 24, 2015 - Where Do Cannon Come From?

Ever wondered where new cannon come from? Well, let us show you.

Campbell Cannon and Carriage Works has been comissioned to make a reproduction of an iron Spanish 6-pounder for the National Park Service.

Below is the reference we researched, a technical drawing from the Spanish National Archives dated August 13, 1752.


The making of a cannon starts with a lot of wood. In this case a block of wood 7 1/2 feet long and 14 inches wide. The corners are cut so the large octogonal piece can be put on the lathe. And the turning begins....


It takes quite a while to take that large, blocky piece of wood and turn it down into a cylinder. You can see the thicker areas have been left for the rings. Then, the barre starts to show off her curves as tapers are put in and the rings and muzzle are carved to give this beauty some character.


There are a number of rounds of contouring and sanding.


And finally, the trunnions are turned and added and she gets a coat of paint. And now she's ready to go to the foundry.





December 2, 2014 - Dutch Carriage Bragging Rights

This is a CCCW custom order Dutch-inspired ship carriage. This was created to hold an authentic 1700's 42-inch long Dutch cannon with a 2-inch bore. Referencing carriage designs from the Vissar Collection, CCCW created this original piece out of mahogany with a number of hand-worked metal hardware pieces and accents.








October 5, 2014 - Forget Play Ball. How About - Play Mortar!

Diosa has been looking at CCCW mortars for years and this year, she finally quit looking and got one of her own. This is "No One", a name given because it was the first of this style of mortar made and has the "No. 1" marking on the trunnion.


The bore on this mortar just so happens to be the perfect size to hold a softball and at a family gathering she wanted to see what it could do. Even using a very light powder load, the ball went soaring.


And here's her video of the firings. Once with just powder and once with the softball.


So, who's ready for a game of Mortar Ball?

September 30, 2014 - CCCW Breechloader Adoption

There's nothing like the reaction when someone sees their completed order for the first time. It was a joy to watch Nita Treasure meet her new baby.


This bronze gun is a Lawrence Campbell original design, influenced by Spanish styling. It's 24" long, with a 1 7/8" bore. The gun weighs 62 lbs. And it's sitting on a CCCW original design field carriage.


Here are a few close up pictures to get a better look.





July 26, 2014 - Back in Black, Cannon Style

What do you get when you cross a major AC/DC fan and a cannon lover? A customized cannon with the band's logo on it! But there's more to this cannon than just a logo.

Every cannon has a story.

This iron cannon has had quite the life. This is a Campbell Cannon and Carriage Works design that was ordered many years ago. It went to its new home in times of peace. But peace did not last and soon it was in the midst of a massive battle. The enemy captured it and under the enemy's control it suffered much neglect and damage. During a valiant effort it was recaptured by the owner and now CCCW is in the process of restoring it back to its former splendor so its owner can enjoy it for many years to come.

This British style cannon was built to fit the carriage with a barrel that is 3 1/2 feet long and a bore of 2 1/4".



And how about a little musical interlude to go with that cannon?



July 1, 2014 - Campbell Cannon in Action

This video was taken at the 2014 Hampton Blackbeard Festival in Hampton, Va. The cannon you are looking at is a Campbell Cannon and Carriage Works French four pounder.